Drumlin Hill Farm
440 Hulls Hill Road ~ Southbury, CT 06488
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Customers arriving at 440 Hulls Hill Road continue past the stone walls and up an old farm road, traveling quite literally over the river and through the woods to emerge on a hilltop with a breathtaking view of Southbury, Oxford and beyond.

There they’ll find a wide choice of balsam, blue spruce and Frasier fir trees, priced at $50 each. We have all sizes from three to twelve feet and beyond. People can cut and carry or tag their tree for later purchase. We will put it through the baler for them to make it easy to transport the tree.

The farm manger, Les Butler, will be on hand each weekend to assist customers. Saws are available on site and local delivery is possible.

Home to deer, rabbits, hawks and other wildlife, Drumlin Hill Farm backs up to the Southbury Land Trust’s pristine Phillips-Lovdal Farm Preserve so there is a lot to see and great photo opportunities.

There are more than 150 acres of open space up here with walking trails. People can walk them and then pick out a tree. It is a great family outing for the day.

We plan to expand every year. We have about 700 trees and once we finish our replanting, we look forward to have over 20,000 trees.

Those seeking more information or would like to make an appointment to purchase a tree on non-open days, please call us at 475-212-5440. Check our calendar for the days we are open.
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